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  • Matos- Maseye 2017: General Pinchas & The Midianite Women

    Raboyseyee and Ladies: General Pinchas & the Midianite Women Shoin! The ominous three weeks are in full bloom and this coming motzei shabbis as we daven maariv, we will welcome in Choidesh Ov and with it the ‘nine days.’  Bad stuff happens!   And this coming shabbis we will say goodbye to Sefer Bamidbar while listening […]

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    | July 20, 2017 | 0 Comments
  • Pinchas 2017

    Mazel tov to our friends Beth and Yehuda Honig and to their extended families upon the birth of a granddaughter born to their children Natalie and Josh Honig. Welcome to the world Miraim Leah Honig.  Mazel tov to Natalie’s parents Dalit and David Wizman and to their extended families. May Natalie and Josh be blessed […]

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    | July 13, 2017 | 1 Comment
  • Koirach 2017 – Cary, NC, Danbury, CT & The RBSO’s Patience

    Raboyseyee and Ladies: Cary, North Carolina, Danbury, CT  &  The RBSO’s Patience Where to begin? With a comment from Jeff which was supposed to be posted last week but was at the last minute left out because the Oisvorfer’s otherwise reliable webmaster posted the review while on the road and forgot? Or, with mazel tov […]

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    | June 22, 2017 | 1 Comment
  • Shelach 2017: Tzitzis (Fringes) & The Hooker

    Raboyseyee and Ladies: Tzitzis (fringes) & the Hooker This week we begin with a comment that arrived too late in the week -just yesterday- from reader Jeff over in North Carolina.  Not too late for its inclusion, ober too late for a proper Oisvorfer response.  Jeff, your comment is response worthy, however, given its late […]

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    | June 15, 2017 | 0 Comments
  • Behar Bichukoisai 2017: The Wall

    This past week the Oisvorfer fielded complaints from two readers.  Not about the content of the weekly parsha review; mistama they didn’t read it.  Instead, both friends complained that there were no mazel tov shout-outs these past few weeks. They were correct: there were none to report.  Ober we are back this week with three; […]

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    | May 18, 2017 | 0 Comments
  • Emor 2017: The Koihen Godol (High Priest) and Images of the Dead!

    Raboyseyee and Ladies:   The Koihen Godol (High Priest) and Images of the Dead!   Long before Warner Wolf, the great sportscaster, became well known -even famous- for his saying of “let’s go to the videotape,” every rebbe the future Oisvorfer had in yeshiva from 1962-1972,  would daily remind him and the other ladigayers (good-for–nothings) […]

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    | May 11, 2017 | 0 Comments
  • Achrei Mois – Kedoishim 2017: Familial Relationships

    Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Familial Relationships Long before Abner Doubleday invented the game of baseball in 1839, and long before the first double header was ever played in 1882 (between Providence and Worcester), our Sages, or was it Ezra Hasoifer (the scribe), first introduced the concept of double headers. Accordingly, this week, just like last, […]

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    | May 4, 2017 | 0 Comments
  • Tzav 2017 – Was Moishe a Koihen (Priest)?

    With great pleasure, we begin this week with mazel tov wishes to Avigayil Dreifus, the beautiful daughter of Devorah and Uri Dreifus, upon her engagement earlier this week to Menasche Krupka, the son of Chashie and Dr. Moshe Krupka. A big mazel tov to our very dear and close friends of many decades, Rochelle and […]

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    | April 6, 2017 | 0 Comments
  • Behar 2014 – Numbers 7 and 49

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: Shoin!  Everyone seems to agree that the number 7 is a lucky number and who knows?Maybe it is. In fact, said the medrish (Vayikra Rabbah 29:9) azoy:  “All sevens are beloved”. Who wouldn’t prefer  seven over  six, if you chap. Even Jewish 7s are, at times,  beloved. Avada you know that the […]

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    | May 8, 2014 | 0 Comments
  • Vayishlach 2012 – Reuven Did What?

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes:Reuven did what? Nu, before we begin Parshas Vayishlach, let’s quickly chazir (review) some of last week’s highlights. Yankif met his bashert, one of them, at the well. He kissed her, cried, fell in love, worked for seven years to get her, got married, discovered in the morning that he chapped the wrong […]

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    | November 29, 2012 | 1 Comment
  • Noiach 2012 – Everything They Forgot to Teach You in Yeshiva

    This week’s parsha review from the Oisvorfer is being sent a shtikel earlier because it’s longer than usual, contains a boatload (pun intended) of new information about Noiach and his life pre and post Mabul, is informative, humorous, a shtikel sarcastic, and is worth reading over and over. You will be amazed, educated and somewhat […]

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    | October 18, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Devorim 2012 – Double Talk

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: Double talk: Have you ever wondered why Sefer Devorim, which we begin reading this coming Shabbis, is called Deuteronomy? Nu, we’re about to find out. Parshas Devorim which we always read on the Shabbis just before Tisha Be’Av -though this year we’ll be reading it on Tisha Be’av mamish- can easily put […]

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    | July 26, 2012 | 0 Comments
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  • Raboyseyee and Ladies   Potiphar & Mrs Potiphar: Sexual Predators Erhstens: ah lichtigen (bright) Chanuka to all. My, how time flies when we’re having fun learning the heylige Toirah hakidoisha (the holy Toirah).  Last week: In a massive conspiracy, 10 brothers plotted the murder of Yoisef, their father’s favorite son. Ober tzadikim that they were […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: Yaakov’s Daughters   While everyone knows that Yaakov (Jacob) sired 12 boys and one daughter by the name of Dina who got into all sorts of trouble in last week’s parsha (raped and more by the chazir Shechem who was eventually killed by Shimon and Levi with their bar mitzvah swords), did […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: Bilha & Zilpa: Rejected!   There is a custom in many homes for the father -before kiddish is recited on Friday evenings- to bentch (bless) his children. This is accomplished when the father places both hands on each child (individually) and then, for his boys, he recites the words found in the […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: Our Forefathers & Their Beautiful Wives Last week: Yaakov -not yet Ovenu- successfully purchased the bichoiro (birthright) from his elter brider Eisav (older brother), and had- with his mother’s help as a co-conspirator- outwitted his brother once again by duping his elderly and semi blind father Yitzchok, into giving him the brochis […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: Color me Red! A few week back, we mentioned that certain chasiddim do not make kiddish between the hours of 6PM and 7PM on Friday nights. Why not? Because that hour is seemingly associated with the mazel -the maybe bad mazel- of Madim, or the planet Mars. Ober what has Mars to […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: Avrohom’s Eight Sons   Back in parshas Lech Lecha, with Avrom and Sorai still childless, Sorai insisted that Avrom “come” to her handmaid Hogor. Avrom did just that, if you chap, and shoin, a son by the name of Yishmoel was born. Sorai had a shtikel and more remorse, efsher mistreated Hogor […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: Got Milk? We begin this week with a comment from a reader: From: Michoel ben Shlomo Zvi Halevi I feel compelled to write to you with regard to this week’s Dvar Torah on Parshas Lech Lecha, or is it Parshat Lech Lecha. When I see errors I must bring them to the […]

  • Raboyseyee & Ladies, First Man in Space:   Who was the first human being in space? Who was the first stargazer? According to the World Almanac which the Oisvorfer consulted, a Russian by the name of Yuri Gagarin was the first to orbit space. That was back on April 12, 1961.  A few weeks later, […]

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Noiach 2018: The Birds & the Bees and Brett Kavanaugh

Raboyseyee & Ladies, The Birds & the Bees and Brett Kavanaugh We begin this week with two comments on last week’s amazing review of Bereishis. Jeff Rosenberg of Lawrence, N.Y. wrote: This week’s dvar Torah is the best one you ever gave from the time that I started reading them. That entire portion regarding Twilight […]

Bereishis 2018: 18 Minutes, Twilight and Gabbaigate

Raboyseyee and Ladies: 18 Minutes, Twilight and Gabbaigate Mazel tov! This past Tuesday (Monday over in Israel), the Yiddin completed yet another cycle of the heylige Toirah. Though the heylige Toirah, gifted to the Yiddin in the year 2448 is over 3300 years old, it seems that we never tire of reading it, and this […]

Ha’azenu 2018

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Shoin, while parshas Hazeenu and its 52 pisukim, 3rd shortest parsha in the heylige Toirah, (who can blame Moishe for being a bit stingy with words; he was after all busy writing 13 Torah scrolls, and still needed time to climb up the mountain where he would pass away in accordance […]

Yom Kippur 2018

Raboyseyee and Ladies: YOM KIPPUR & THE SUPER BOWL Though the football season began only  this past week, the super bowl of tshuva, Yom Kippur, will be ushered  in this coming Tuesday evening and for approximately 25 + hours  thereafter, Yiddin all over the world, will, for their myriad indiscretions during the past year,  be […]

Vayelech 2018: All About Tashlich

Raboyseyee and Ladies, All About Tashlich This past Monday, the first day of Rosh Hashono (yes, it is observed two full days), following Mincha (afternoon prayers), and though the weather was not cooperating, it was decided to walk over to Tashlich where the Oisvorfer recited the Tashlich prayer.  In years past, ober not this year, […]

Rosh Hashono 2018 – Rosh Hashono Message

Raboyseyee and Ladies,   Rosh Hashono Message:   Though many of us will be dipping our apples into our honey tomorrow evening and hopefully a few more times over Yom Tov, if you chap, efsher you are aware or should be, that there is an old minhag (custom) to do some other dipping before we […]

Netzovim 2018: Broken Promises and Renewed Vows

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Broken Promises and Renewed Vows On the 6th of Sivan in the year 2448, the Yiddin married the RBSO. They also exchanged vows. The Yiddin promised to keep the Ten Commandments and a few other mitzvis they had received prior. Forty years later, in the year 2488, on either the 6th […]

Ki Sovoy 2018: Forty Years to Sink In

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Forty Years to Sink In.   Last week we discussed the Ammonites and their cousins the Moabites. Moishe placed both nations into the basket of deplorables. Men from both nations were forbidden from entering the congregation of the RBSO, meaning they could not marry nice Jewish girls. Even after conversion. Why […]

Ki Saytzei 2018: Bastards and Other Deplorables

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Bastards and Other Deplorables:   Thousands of years before Hillary Clinton, on June 8, 2016, called then candidate Trump’s supporters “deplorables,” the heylige Toirah, in this week’s action and mitzvah packed parsha of Ki Say-Tzei which is loaded with 74 commandments (that’s more than 10% of all 613 and most in any […]

Shoiftim 2018: How to Become a Prophet in Four Easy Steps

Raboyseyee and Ladies: How to Become a Prophet in Four Easy Steps Merriam Webster’s Advanced Learning English Dictionary defines the word “divination” as follows: the practice of using special signs or special powers to predict the future. The word divination is uttered by Moishe twice in our parsha. He warns the Yiddin against having diviners […]