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  • Vayishlach 2012 – Reuven Did What?

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes:Reuven did what? Nu, before we begin Parshas Vayishlach, let’s quickly chazir (review) some of last week’s highlights. Yankif met his bashert, one of them, at the well. He kissed her, cried, fell in love, worked for seven years to get her, got married, discovered in the morning that he chapped the wrong […]

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    | November 29, 2012 | 1 Comment
  • Chizuk #5 – The Power of Community

    As we begin our new week almost two weeks since Sandy paid us an unwelcome visit, I can see a crack of light in the tunnel of murky deluge that enveloped us.  More homes have had power restored, gasoline has begun to flow in more liberal quantities, the weather has gotten warmer, and we are now slowly […]

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    | November 11, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Noiach 2012 – Everything They Forgot to Teach You in Yeshiva

    This week’s parsha review from the Oisvorfer is being sent a shtikel earlier because it’s longer than usual, contains a boatload (pun intended) of new information about Noiach and his life pre and post Mabul, is informative, humorous, a shtikel sarcastic, and is worth reading over and over. You will be amazed, educated and somewhat […]

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    | October 18, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Hoishana Rabba 2012 – Execution Delayed

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: Execution Delayed: We’re in the home stretch of Yomim Toivim (Holidays) and by the time we return to our regular schedules this coming Wednesday (Tuesday for those living and most  spending Succois in Israel), many of you will have, during the holy month of Tishray, which contains four Jewish holidays, consumed an […]

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    | October 6, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Succois 2012 – The Succah Economy

    Word has reached the Oisvorfer that our chaverim Bonnie and Heshie Schertz get a Mazel Tov. While we were marking the heylige Shabbis here in the United States, over in Yerusholayim, Sam Schertz, their son, became engaged to Dani, daughter of Michelle & Eli Salig.  Grada we know Sam his entire life and share in […]

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    | September 30, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Yom Kippur 2012 – Of Money and Forgiveness

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: Of Money and Forgiveness: Though the Oisvorfer provided his many followers with a form of Mechila (forgiveness) Release  in 2011,  it’s back for 2012: hey, didn’t you piss off new people this past year? Didn’t you speak loshoin horo (ill) of and about those you can’t stand, those who can’t stand you, […]

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    | September 24, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Devorim 2012 – Double Talk

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: Double talk: Have you ever wondered why Sefer Devorim, which we begin reading this coming Shabbis, is called Deuteronomy? Nu, we’re about to find out. Parshas Devorim which we always read on the Shabbis just before Tisha Be’Av -though this year we’ll be reading it on Tisha Be’av mamish- can easily put […]

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    | July 26, 2012 | 0 Comments
  • Chaya Soro 2011 – First Shidduch

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: She was how old? What a difference a week makes. Just last shabbis, Avrohom Oveenu was 99 years old, childless and recovering from surgery.  And wasn’t it just last week (17:17) when Avrohom uttered:  “Will there be born [a child] to one a hundred-years-old?!” A few  Malochim  predicted he would yet be a […]

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    | November 17, 2011 | 0 Comments
  • Lech Lecha 2011

    Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: OMG it’s already November which taka reminds me that it’s almost that time of year when we start seeing advertisements for various Pesach programs. Ober (but) how can we think about Pesach when we need to plan winter vacation first? Oy vey; life in golus is mamish shver (difficult). Nu, one of […]

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    | November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments
  • Vo’eiro

    Raboyseyee: My how time flies, even as a slave.  Nu, it’s but one shabbis later and it’s year 210 since the shibud (slavery) began (according to most). Late December is takeh the season for pardons and the RBSO has decided to review His original decree.  Originally set for 400 years, Moishe has been selected to […]

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    | December 30, 2010 | 0 Comments
  • Shemois

    Raboyseyee: Nu- one sefer down, four to go until Simchas Toirah and we start again. Sefer Bereishis covered 2,000 years in 50 chapters. Sefer Shemois covers less than 200 years in 40 chapters. The majority of Sefer Shemois covers just a few years, the first 16 chapters deal with slavery and freedom, let’s begin. Zicher […]

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    | December 23, 2010 | 0 Comments
  • Vayichi

    Raboyseyee: Before we get to this week’s dizzying Parsha let’s quickly chazer (review) last week’s emotionally charged  parsha of Vayigash where we learned that Yoisef  exposed himself (literally as well) to his brothers, reconciled and also had an emotional reunion with his tata Yankiff and they all lived happily after, at least for a while.  […]

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    | December 17, 2010 | 0 Comments
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  • Mazel tov to our friends Alyssa and Chaim Winter of Cedarhurst, New York, upon the wedding underway this very moment-of their beautiful daughter Kara, to Zvi Wolpoe, son of Ramona and Richard Wolpoe of Teaneck, New Jersey. Mazel tov to both families; sisters, brothers (if any), aunts, uncles, cousins, and avada grandparents.  May Kara and […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: The Universal Tune of Benching (Grace After Meals) This past Friday night and also on shabbis, as the Oisvorfer was singing benching (grace after meals) and thinking ahead to this week’s upcoming parsha of Eikev from which our rabbis decided that benching after meals is a mitzvah dioyraisa (biblically commanded), he was thinking […]

  • ANNIVERSARY EDITION We begin this Shabbis Nachamu Anniversary Edition with a mazel tov close to home. A big mazel tov to Zack Perl upon his upcoming wedding this coming Sunday, to Sarah Mandelbaum. Who is Zack Perl you may ask? Zack is the brother of Ariella Grossman (nee Perl) who is married to the Oisvorfer’s […]

  • Mazel tov to long time friends (decades mamish) Naomi and Howie Berg upon the birth of a grandson born to their children Gabrielle and Noah Lindenfeld. Welcome to the world baby Lindenfeld. Mazel tov as well to Drs. Valerie and Shelly Lindenfeld. May your new grandson bring at least 120 years of joy and nachas […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: General Pinchas & the Midianite Women Shoin! The ominous three weeks are in full bloom and this coming motzei shabbis as we daven maariv, we will welcome in Choidesh Ov and with it the ‘nine days.’  Bad stuff happens!   And this coming shabbis we will say goodbye to Sefer Bamidbar while listening […]

  • Mazel tov to our friends Beth and Yehuda Honig and to their extended families upon the birth of a granddaughter born to their children Natalie and Josh Honig. Welcome to the world Miraim Leah Honig.  Mazel tov to Natalie’s parents Dalit and David Wizman and to their extended families. May Natalie and Josh be blessed […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies: SPECIAL EDITION – Norman Bigel Marks His 100th Birthday Today! The Last Group of Jews to Die in The Midbar   In our review of Parshas Bolok 2014, we shouted out Norman Bigel on the 84th anniversary of his bar mitzvah. That was three years ago. This coming shabbis, on Parshas Bolok, […]

  • Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Methuselah (Misushelach) vs. Oig: who lived longer? Oig vs. Big Gedalya Goomber: who was taller?   Though we all grew up believing that Misushelech (Methuselah) who lived 969 years was the record holder for age, this week, we will meet a fellow by the name of Oig Melech Haboshon (Oig, the […]

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Koirach 2017 – Cary, NC, Danbury, CT & The RBSO’s Patience

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Cary, North Carolina, Danbury, CT  &  The RBSO’s Patience Where to begin? With a comment from Jeff which was supposed to be posted last week but was at the last minute left out because the Oisvorfer’s otherwise reliable webmaster posted the review while on the road and forgot? Or, with mazel tov […]

Shelach 2017: Tzitzis (Fringes) & The Hooker

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Tzitzis (fringes) & the Hooker This week we begin with a comment that arrived too late in the week -just yesterday- from reader Jeff over in North Carolina.  Not too late for its inclusion, ober too late for a proper Oisvorfer response.  Jeff, your comment is response worthy, however, given its late […]

Bihaloischo 2017: Leaning In & Grooming

This week we have the pleasure of beginning with big and hearty mazel tov wishes to our dear friends Anne and Shelly Golombeck upon the engagement of their son David, to Sarah Shevchuk, the daughter of Irina and Sergei Shevchuk of Fairlawn, New Jersey. Mazel tov to both extended families, and may David and Sarah […]

Nosi 2017 – The Liviyim: The Few & The Exalted

We begin with big mazel tov wishes to our dear friends Aliza and Shlomie Liechtung upon the engagement, earlier this week, of their beautiful daughter Miki, to Jon Herskowitz, the son of Daphne and Neil Herskowitz . Mazel tov wishes to the entire extended Liechtung, Schachter and Herskowitz families.  Details to follow. Raboyseyee and Ladies: […]

Bamidbar 2017 – The Wall: Continued + Sefira and Menstruation

We begin this week with a special mazel tov to Zachary Grossman, upon his graduation yesterday from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.  Zachary is of course the amazing son of the Oisvorfer and his eishes chayil Lisa.   As Shlomo Hamelech says: toivim hashnayim min hoechod (two are better than one). A double mazel […]

Behar Bichukoisai 2017: The Wall

This past week the Oisvorfer fielded complaints from two readers.  Not about the content of the weekly parsha review; mistama they didn’t read it.  Instead, both friends complained that there were no mazel tov shout-outs these past few weeks. They were correct: there were none to report.  Ober we are back this week with three; […]

Emor 2017: The Koihen Godol (High Priest) and Images of the Dead!

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   The Koihen Godol (High Priest) and Images of the Dead!   Long before Warner Wolf, the great sportscaster, became well known -even famous- for his saying of “let’s go to the videotape,” every rebbe the future Oisvorfer had in yeshiva from 1962-1972,  would daily remind him and the other ladigayers (good-for–nothings) […]

Achrei Mois – Kedoishim 2017: Familial Relationships

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Familial Relationships Long before Abner Doubleday invented the game of baseball in 1839, and long before the first double header was ever played in 1882 (between Providence and Worcester), our Sages, or was it Ezra Hasoifer (the scribe), first introduced the concept of double headers. Accordingly, this week, just like last, […]

Tazria – Metzoira 2017: Menstruation, Childbirth & Leprosy: Everything They Forgot To Teach You In Yeshiva

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Menstruation, Childbirth & Leprosy: Everything They Forgot To Teach You In Yeshiva We’re just about done with korbonois and it’s time for some straight talk about sex and childbearing.  Does the parsha discuss these topics? Mamish? Vey iz mir (OMG)! Just kidding: the parsha is not about sex at all, only what […]

Shmini 2017: Post-Pesach Thoughts & Eliyohu Hanovee In Your Bedroom

Raboyseyee and Ladies: POST PESACH THOUGHTS & PARSHAS SHMINI Eliyohu Hanovee (Elijah the Prophet) in Your Bedroom:   Eliyohu Hanovee where? What the hec would he be doing in your bedroom? Is he the Afikoimon present, if you chap, for some? We shall explore that below. Shoin, another two sedorim were observed this past week […]