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Ki Saytzei 2020: Harlotry and Its Rewards

Another exciting week among friends who have made, and are making simchas; let’s shout them out. This coming Sunday the Oisvorfer and eishes chayil are off to Lancaster, PA to participate -in person mamish- at the wedding of Ari Einhorn, he the givaldige and outstanding son of our dear friends -of many decades- Chani and […]

Ki Saytzei 2019: Crushed Testicles or a Severed Organ

Raboyseyee and Ladies Crushed Testicles or a Severed Organ   Long before the Federal Government in December 2001 and in response to the 9-11 incidents, issued its first ever No Fly List, the RBSO, in the year 2488 issued His first ever May Not enter List and it’s found in this week’s parsha. We shall […]

Ki Saytzei 2018: Bastards and Other Deplorables

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Bastards and Other Deplorables:   Thousands of years before Hillary Clinton, on June 8, 2016, called then candidate Trump’s supporters “deplorables,” the heylige Toirah, in this week’s action and mitzvah packed parsha of Ki Say-Tzei which is loaded with 74 commandments (that’s more than 10% of all 613 and most in any […]

Ki Saytzei 2017: Hands Off!

Mazel tov to our friends Lisa and Howie Rubin upon the upcoming marriage – this coming Monday evening – of their beautiful daughter Alexandra to Zevi Litwin, he the son of Mr. and Mrs. Avi Litwin.  Mazel tov to the close and extended Rubenstein, Rubin and Litwin families. May Alexandra and Zevi enjoy many decades […]

Ki Saytzei 2016 – Attention Spans

A number of mazel tov shout outs; here we go! Mazel tov to our friends Sharon and Jeffrey Frieling upon the wedding this past Sunday  of their son Benjie to Dena Katz, she the daughter of Susan and Alan Katz. Benjie, who made aliya a few years back, will soon be on his way back […]

Ki Saytzei 2015: Review or New

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Review or New? Just the other day while shpatzering (walking) with a chaver and while we were schmoozing about what men at times talk to each other about -our wives- mamish out of left field, he asked the following kasha (question): Is it a bigger avayro to sleep with a shiksa, or, […]

Ki Saytzei 2014: Private Parts Are Off Limits

Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes:   32 days ago, the Oisvorfer lost a close aunt who passed away at the age of 90.  At the shloishim seuda and sium her three children spoke; one son and the two daughters, through their husbands. Shoin, that’s how it’s done in Brooklyn.  Each spoke so gishmak about their mother and everything they said […]

Ki Saytzei 2013 – The Less Than Perfect Tri-Fecta

This week we begin with yet another mazel tov. This time to longtime friends Chana and Dr. Jay Fenster who walked their beautiful daughter Reva down the aisle this past Sunday.  The  Oisvorfer has known the kallah’s family for over 30 years, nicer people are hard to find. May Reva and Yechiel Fuchs enjoy many […]

Ki Saytzei 2012 – The Spoils of War

Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes: The spoils of war: Of late, this first paragraph has been reserved for mazel tovs and the simcha review, ober this week the Oisvorfer wishes to remind his choshuva readers about an important BBQ being hosted this coming Monday, Labor Day mamish, here in Lawrence for a truly worthwhile cause. The Moradi […]

Ki Saytzei 2011: Uncle Sam Wants You!

Raboyseyee and Raboyseyettes:   Uncle Sam wants you!!! The year is 1964, the Oisvorfer is but a young lad, and the United States is nebech in the throes of the Vietnam war. The draft was real and yeshiva bochurim (boys) approaching 18 were all nervous about being drafted and sent over, it was mandatory back […]