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Tazria – Metzoira 2018

Raboyseyee and Ladies: This week we begin with big mazel tov wishes to our cousins and dear friends, Sharon & Brian Duftler, upon the celebration last shabbis -continued on Sunday– of the bar mitzvah of their son, Boaz Katz Duftler.  As expected Boaz lained his parsha flawlessly.  Mazel tov to siblings Rachel, Aliza, and Mendy Duflter, […]

Shmini 2018: The Rebbe’s Premature Three Steps Backward

Let’s begin with a big mazel tov shout out to Shayna and Ezzi Ungar -nee Gottesman, to the very excited grandparents, Judith and Shlomo Gottesman -very dedicated friends, to Chaya and Dovi Ungar, to great grandmother, Mrs. Blanche Lerer, to Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe and Sondra Gottesman, and to all siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and […]

Pesach 2018: Of Wooden Spoons, Feathers & Hide & Go Seek

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Of Wooden Spoons, Feathers & Hide & Go Seek:   Were someone to -on any other night of the year- invite you over to their house and tell you in advance that you’d be playing a game of hide and go seek in the dark with a wooden spoon, a candle, […]

Tzav 2018: Time To Sell Your Chomatze

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Time To Sell Your Chomatze   This week we begin with an admission: The Oisvorfer’s review of Parshas Tzav is a repeat -with a few edits and one or two new thoughts- of what was written in 2015. And why is that? Because he is busy, as are many a rabbi this […]

Vayikra 2018: Maimonides vs. Nachmanides

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Maimonides vs. Nachmanides: Read All About It   This week we begin with a comment received from Dennis Laurie over in Garden Grove, CA:   Great summary! I am reading Torah this Shabbat, and, wanted to refresh my memory re the contents of the parsha. Nice succinct overview. Thanks for your website, […]

Vayakhale Pikuday 2018: Where Is Rashi?

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Where is Rashi:   Anyone who has ever picked up a Chumish, or any volume of the heylige Gemora (Bible, or Talmud) and that would include the Novee (Prophets), avada knows that Rashi’s comments can be found either alongside, or just underneath the text. In fact, Rashi is the foremost commentator; […]

Ki Sisa 2018: Who Wrote That Scroll?

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Who Wrote That Scroll? Earlier this week, the heylige Oisvorfer got into a heated discussion with a chosid, one of the Satmar variety.  He wanted to know why the Oisvorfer begins his weekly parsha reviews with a salutation to both men and women. “Don’t I know” he asked and stated empathically, and […]

Tetzaveh 2018: The 7th Day of Adar (Today)

A big big mazel tov to Zachary Grossman, son of the Oisvorfer and his eishes chayil Lisa, who earlier today, became admitted to practice law in the State of New York. Chazak!   Raboyseyee and Ladies: The 7th Day of Adar (today):   One week from today, we’ll avada be joyously celebrating Purim and the […]

Teruma 2018: The RBSO’s House

Raboyseyee and Ladies: The RBSO’s House   Last week: The Yiddin were given 53 mitzvois of which 30 were loi sah-says and by now, a week later, a healthy number of you have already mistama violated a good number of them- rachmono litzlon and oy vey.   This week: Parshas Teruma contains but one mitzvah […]

Mishpotim 2018: Castrating Hornets

This week’s review is dedicated to the memory of the Oisvorfer’s late father, Reb Yaakov ben Chaim Yitzchok Halevi whose yurtzeit will be marked this coming Shabbis, the 25th of Shevat. On a happier note, here then a few mazel tov shout outs. Mazel tov to Michael Fructher, a young man who spent many a […]