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Yisroy 2020: Sight, Sound and Synaesthesia

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Sight, Sound and Synaesthesia What the hec is synaesthesia?  We shall find out on page 5. Of late, the Oisvorfer has been studying the parsha in reverse. He starts with the last aliya and moves backwards to the front of the parsha. Why?  To find topics and ideas not previously discussed in […]

Bishalach 2020: Paying It Forward

A big mazel tov to Rebbetzin Nancy, and Rabi Kenneth Hain who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this coming shabbis at Congregation Both Sholom, here in Lawrence, N.Y. A big kiddush to follow a much-anticipated great lookback and speech. The Oisvorfer and eishes chayil can fill many paragraphs -maybe even pages- with warm […]

Boi 2020 – Passover Observance In The Year 2048

Four mazel tov shout outs this week, let’s begin with Michelle.   A big mazel tov to Michelle Charnoff, she the very talented and brilliantly funny daughter of our good friends Ashley and Judah Charnoff, upon her very recent engagement to Brian Polay, he the son of Cheri and Gary Polay of Wayne, New Jersey. […]

Vo’eiro 2020: The Snake & The Staff

One shout out this week but a big one: mazel tov wishes to Mordechai Abittan, he the son of our friends Rachel and Abe Abittan, who will be getting married this coming Sunday at the Rockleigh Country Club, to Deena Hochbaum, she the beautiful daughter of Lisa and Peretz Hochbaum.  A word to those attending: […]

Shemois 2020 – On The Other Hand

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Mazel tov again to Gabriel Leifer upon his most amazing wedding this past Sunday and what a wedding it was, to his beautiful kallah, Avigail Hackel, she the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shlomo Hackel. Mazel tov to Gabriel’s parents, our friends, Astrid and Mordecai Leifer (Mord), and to the entire extended Liefer […]

Vayichi 2020 – Mummification & Embalmment

Raboyseyee and Ladies, We begin this week’s review with big mazel tov wishes to our dear friend and superwoman Rochelle Rohde, upon the marriage this past Wednesday evening of her beautiful daughter Talya Alexandra to Uriel Hassan. And what a wedding it was! Mazel tov to Talia’s siblings and their spouses, to her uncles, aunts, […]

Vayigash 2020: The City of Goshen

Raboyseyee and Ladies, We begin with mazel tov wishes to friends of many decades, Shaindy and Mark Mandelbaum of Los Angeles, CA upon the engagement of their daughter Jenny to Dov Ocken of Baltimore, MD.  May Jenny and Dov merit to enjoy many decades of blissful marriage. Mazel tov to both extended families. A special […]

Miketz – Chanukah 2019: Ah Lichtiger Chanukah

Raboyseyee and Ladies, We begin the special Shabbis Chanukah edition with another mazel tov shoutout to Ziona Isaacs who married Norman Greenberg this past Sunday evening.   Mazel tov to our friends Doba and Kalman Isaacs and their extended family.  Mazel tov as well to the extended Greenberg family, who had the merit of having grandfathers […]

Vayeshev 2019: Our Lineage

After a no shout-out review last week (people commented and were not happy), we are delighted to announce the arrival of a baby girl   born to Talia & Gabi Stone, Talia being the daughter of  our good friends Judith and Shlomo Gottesman.  Mazel tov to the very excited parents and grandparents.  Welcome to the world   […]

Vayishlach 2019: Real Estate 1.1

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Just as the Oisvorfer was hanging up his coat in the shul’s overcrowded coatroom this past shabbis, his weekend guest asked if I could name the three parcels of land recorded in the heylige Toirah and or in Tanach which were purchased for cash mamish. Nu, in the few seconds we had […]