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Koirach 2018: The First Earthquake?

Raboyseyee and Ladies: The First Earthquake?   Many years back, while still valgering in yeshiva, the Rebbe tried convincing the future Oisvorfer and a few dozen others that he had a magic shteken (staff) if you chap, which nebech he did.  Ober in reality, magical shtekins appear only in the heylige Toirah:  Moishe Rabaynu had […]

Shelach 2018 – Spygate in Torah Times & Tzitzis Save the Day

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Spygate in Torah Times & Tzitzis Save the Day This coming Tuesday will correspond to the 29th day of Sivan. What the hec is Sivan and what happened on the 29th day?  Sadly, a number of the Oisvorfer’s readers do not know that the Yiddin mark their holidays, birthdays, and all else, […]

Bihaloischo 2018: Tifilin, Jesus, Trump & Trumpets

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Tifilin, Jesus, Trump, & Trumpets   The entire country is busy with Trump.  Some love him, others, not so much. That being stated, this week, we will begin our review of parshas Bihaloischo not with a discussion on Trump. Instead we will learn what the parsha tells us about “trumpets,” two […]

Nosi 2018 – Priestly Blessings and Dreams

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Priestly Blessings and Dreams   We begin with an admission. This week’s parsha review is a repeat -mamish- of what was disseminated in 2014.  Vus epes a repeat? Shoin, this week the Oisvorfer was busy writing a few speeches for others including one in Yiddish and time ran out on him. […]

Bamidbar / Shovuois 2018: Seminal Events

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Seminal Events:   Shoin: having recited chazak three times as we ended last week’s parsha, hopefully you’re all stronger and in better shape to take on Sefer Bamidbar and lommer schnel unfangin (let’s quickly begin). The emes is that you’ll need strength just to stay awake because a more boring parsha is […]

Behar Bichukoisai 2018: Torah Sanctioned Loopholes

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Torah Sanctioned Loopholes   First the good news: Behar is a tiny parsha, only 57 pisukim (5th shortest) barely enough time to engage in a decent conversation with your chaver. It ranks 8th in number of mitzvois, not too shabby for a tiny parsha. Behar is the 32nd of 54 parshas and next to last […]

Emor 2018: The Proper Brocho (Blessing) on Matzo

Raboyseyee and Ladies: The Proper Brocho (Blessing) on Matzo Following two consecutive double headers, welcome to Emor, a single parsha we’ll learn this week. Ober settle in: it’s a biggie and chock full of mitzvois, mamish. In fact, just so that you can sit at the shabbis tish and say something intelligent, you should know that […]

Achrei Mois – Kedoishim 2018: Mitzvis We Struggle With

We begin this week with a big and hearty mazel tov to our dear friends Lemor and Murry Englard, who will be celebrating the bar mitzvah of their son Rafi this coming shabbis at the Young Israel of Woodmere.  Mazel tov to Rafi’s siblings Sammy, Leora and Josh Rosenwald – and their daughter Ella,  Rafi’s […]

Tazria – Metzoira 2018

Raboyseyee and Ladies: This week we begin with big mazel tov wishes to our cousins and dear friends, Sharon & Brian Duftler, upon the celebration last shabbis -continued on Sunday– of the bar mitzvah of their son, Boaz Katz Duftler.  As expected Boaz lained his parsha flawlessly.  Mazel tov to siblings Rachel, Aliza, and Mendy Duflter, […]

Shmini 2018: The Rebbe’s Premature Three Steps Backward

Let’s begin with a big mazel tov shout out to Shayna and Ezzi Ungar -nee Gottesman, to the very excited grandparents, Judith and Shlomo Gottesman -very dedicated friends, to Chaya and Dovi Ungar, to great grandmother, Mrs. Blanche Lerer, to Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe and Sondra Gottesman, and to all siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and […]