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Re’ay 2020 – Jews and Their Meat

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Jews and Their Meat Long before, in fact, thousands of years before aspersion were cast and a debate began over whether or not it was ok and kosher to eat meat and or chicken at in Five Fifty and Chimichurri, back in the year 2488, and mamish days before the Yiddin were […]

Eikev 2020: GONE WITH THE WIND: Not the Movie

Raboyseyee and Ladies, GONE WITH THE WIND: Not the Movie Shoin, before we begin, I wanted to share -with permission of course- a letter written earlier this week by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, to Seth Rogan. The good rabbi needs no introduction but in case you never heard of him, check him out at (and […]

Vo’eschanan 2020 – The Twenty Commandments

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Several weeks ago, we opened with a plug for the Jewish Lego Masters organized by Rabbi JJ Duchman and the Oisvorfer’s givaldige daughter Alex Grossman.  We’re back today with a link to the finale. Click below to enjoy this 40 minute inspiring Tishe Be’ov themed finale episode and see who is declared […]

SPECIAL EDITION Vaad vs. Mehadrin: ROUND 2

Raboyseyee and Ladies, SPECIAL EDITION  Vaad vs. Mehadrin: ROUND 2 Boycott vs Buy-Cott   Last week: we addressed the opening salvo, the first letter issued by the Vaad of the 5 Towns against the new Mehadrin 5 Towns hashgocho. This week, we are back after; a second Vaad letter -unsigned, but containing the names of […]

Matos Masi 2020 – War Booty

Raboyseyee and Ladies, War Booty Two days ago, the Oisvorfer disseminated his Special Edition rant on the war of words raging between the Vaad of the 5 towns and the new kids on the block, the Kosher Mehadrin. In the end, this war is about two things; control and booty: who wields power over kosher […]

SPECIAL EDITION: AN OISVORFER RANT – Vaad vs. Mehadrin – Round 1

SPECIAL EDITION: AN OISVORFER RANT   Vaad vs. Mehadrin-  Round 1   In the first half of this week’s double header parshsios of Matos and Masey, the Yiddin are instructed to wage war against the Midianites, to take the booty (according to the Merriam Webster dictionary on line, booty specifically refers to plunder taken (as in […]

Pinchas 2020: 600,000 Plus Men and 6 Women

Raboyseyee and Ladies, 600,000 Pus Men and 6 Women: Before we get to the six women, let us instead begin with a shtikel plug to Physical Therapist Bruce Goodheart who has –since the Oisvorfer’s shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff back in March- been nursing him back to health. He’s very good with his […]

Chukas & Bolok 2020 – Hookers, Harlots & Going Out with a Bang!

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Hookers, Harlots & Going Out with a Bang! Let’s begin with a shtikel Rambam where in (Hilchos Ishus 1:4) he tells us azoy: “Before the Toirah was given, when a man would meet a woman in the marketplace, and he and she desired, he could give her payment, engage in relations with […]

Koirach 2020 – Death to the Protestors & Moishe Accused of Murder!

Raboyseyee and Ladies, We begin with a plug and shtikel appeal. While hundreds of radicals are busy demolishing historical statues, burning down buildings and otherwise wreaking havoc, over in Los Angeles, CA the Oisvorfer’s daughter, Alex Grossman, works with a very talented, effusive and energetic gentleman by the name of Rabbi JJ Duchman who is […]

Shelach 2020: Does Forgiveness Come With, or Without Punishment?

Raboyseyee and Ladies,   Does Forgiveness Come With, or Without Punishment? Let’s begin with the plague of 2449.  The plague of when? Is the title referring to a plague to occur 429 years from now? Or, does it refer to plague that occurred on our lunar calendars back in the year 2449, some 3,331 years […]