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Vayelech 2019: Eating Bread and Intermarriage

Raboyseyee and Ladies Eating Bread and Intermarriage And how are these topic related to our parsha? They are not! Ober it so happens that we are in the throes of the “asers yimay tshuva” (ten days of repentance) and as you can imagine, our rabbis of yore –mistama to make these days somewhat memorable given […]

Nitzovim 2019: Sitting vs. Standing During Rosh Hashono Prayers

Raboyseyee and Ladies Sitting vs. Standing During Rosh Hashono Prayers Shoin! This past week, a number of readers asked for an update on Alex and her car issues; here we go. As of today, we still don’t know the last name of the 16 year old who hit her car and left a note, the […]

Ki Sovoy 2019: Doing The Right Thing!

Raboyseyee and Ladies This week we begin with four shout-outs -only one of the mazel tov variety- to  our friends Rachel and Abe Abittan upon the engagement (and amazing li’chaim/   engagement party) of their givaldige son Mordechai, to Deena Hochbaum, she the beautiful daughter of Lisa and Peretz Hochbaum. Mazel tov to both extended families […]

Ki Saytzei 2019: Crushed Testicles or a Severed Organ

Raboyseyee and Ladies Crushed Testicles or a Severed Organ   Long before the Federal Government in December 2001 and in response to the 9-11 incidents, issued its first ever No Fly List, the RBSO, in the year 2488 issued His first ever May Not enter List and it’s found in this week’s parsha. We shall […]

Shoiftim 2019: Shuls of Color and Trees

Raboyseyee and Ladies No shout-outs this week! Shuls of Color and Trees Way back, efsher as far back as day six of creation, the RBSO told Odom and Chava that they may eat all they desire from Gan Eden (Garden of Eden). All that is but from one tree, the Eitz Ha’da’as (tree of knowledge). […]

Re’ay 2019: Permission To Eat Meat

Raboyseyee and Ladies, OMG: if you want to know how to get engaged to the one you love; you must watch this video taken at a very recent performance of Fiddler on the Roof .  Mamish awesome!  Click here: you will not be disappointed. And mazel tov once again to Dr. Dana Berg, she the […]

Eikev 2019: May You Be Inscribed and Sealed for a Good Year

Raboyseyee and Ladies, We begin with late breaking mazel tov news.  Late last night as the Oisvorfer was reviewing emails, he came across a paperless post with an invite to attend the engagement party of Dana Berg, she the beautiful and very accomplished daughter of our close friends Naomi and Howie Berg. Having introduced Howie […]

Voeschanan 2019: Tenth Anniversary Edition

TENTH ANNIVERSARY EDITION Raboyseyee and Ladies, Mitzvah Tampering: So happens that this past Tuesday night, the Oisvorfer’s stomach went on the blink, disastrous mamish. What caused it, ver veyst, ober a long night it was and Wednesday  even worse. In and out of the bathroom it was. Something bad I ate? Was the eishes-chayil trying […]

Devorim 2019: Too Much Gold?

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Too Much Gold? Welcome to Sefer and Parshas Devorim, the last of the five books which make up the heylige Toirah. Soon enough we will be completing yet another cycle of Toirah reading only to begin again come Simchas Toirah. Who decided that the Toirah should be broken down into five books? […]

Matos Masei 2019: The 400 Year Old Brothers

Raboyseyee and Ladies, The 400 Year Old Brothers: Shoin, just last week, while discussing Pinchas, we quoted several medroshim with regard to his age, and whether or not he was efsher still alive. Recall that by this time in history, the RBSO had already shortened life spans down to a more manageable 120 though a […]