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Yisroy 2018 – Happy Anniversary!

Raboyseyee and Ladies Happy Anniversary!     It’s been 3,300 years since the RBSO and the Yiddin got married. The wedding, and all its colorful details, are recounted in this week’s parsha of Yisroy (Jethro for the goyim). Yearly as this seminal parsha rolls around -literally, we celebrate all over again by standing when the […]

Bishalach 2018: Paroy’s 900,000,000 Man Army

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Paroy’s 900,000,000 Man Army As Parshas Boi was coming to an end, the Yiddin, slaves to Paroy for 210 years (though in Egypt for some 400 or 430 years, depending on which verse you rely on for accuracy), and following the ten plagues the RBSO visited upon Paroy and the Mitzrim, […]

Boi 2018: When “Borrowing” Means Forever

Raboyseyee and Ladies: When “Borrowing” Means Forever:   Last week, the RBSO got serious about freeing His people (to be), warned an intransigent Paroy and meted out seven of the ten plagues He had in mind. This week we’ll see the rest. Paroy remained steadfast and obstinate, at times aided by the RBSO who taka […]

Vo’eiro 2018

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Let’s quickly chazir last week’s parsha of Shemois, the great book of Exodus, wherein the Oisvorfer left his community with hope: when it comes to Yichus- not to worry-  one can make his own, and who better an example than the RBSO’s favorite of all Toirah personalities and avada the greatest leader the […]

Shemois 2018: Speaking of Yichus (Pedigree)

EARLY STORM EDITION   Nu, given today’s stormy weather, many of you are home and mistama wasting time watching TV or surfing the Internet. Let’s review a few parsha highlights instead. Ober, first a few shout-outs; here we go! ________________________________________________________________________________   A big hearty mazel tov to Eitan Ross whom we know mamish since birth […]

Vayichi 2017: Who Killed Eisav and Why & Vayichi Roundup

Raboyseyee and Ladies:   Who Killed Eisav and Why  &  Vayichi Roundup:   Parshas Vayichi features three deaths, two of which are specifically mentioned in the heylige Toirah. Avada and avada, everyone knows that as sefer Bereishis draws to a close, so does Yaakov’s life and the greater part of the parsha is about the brochos […]

Vayigash 2017

Mazel tov to our friends Beth and Yehuda upon the arrival of a grandson born to their children Keren and Eyal Greenberg. A special mazel tov to Keren and Eyal, and to Eyal’s very excited parents, Nomi and Saul Greenberg. May Keren and Eyal be blessed to raise their new son well and may he […]

Miketz 2017: Undercover with Mr. and Mrs. Potifar and Extreme Makeover

Raboyseyee and Ladies   Undercover with Mr. and Mrs. Potifar and extreme makeover: Yoisef Edition-   It’s one shabbis later and another 12 years have passed. In fact, it’s the year 2229 in our illustrious history.  We’re two weeks away from the end of Sefer Bereishis where Yaakov  will bentch (bless) his children, some anyway.  They […]

Vayeshev 2017: The Sexual Abuse of Yoisef (Joseph)

Raboyseyee and Ladies: The Sexual Abuse of Yoisef (Joseph):   This week the Oisvorfer begins by bringing sexual abuse charges against a well known Toirah personality. You read it here first. Though the acts perpetrated date back some 3500 years, efsher more, yearly when we read this chapter of the heylige Toirah, we become angry […]

Vayishlach 2017: Sexual Misconduct Then and Now

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Sexual Misconduct Then and Now Long before charges of sexual impropriety hit Hollywood, Washington and the Media, we read about such zachin in the heylige Toirah. We did? Say it’s not so please, but it is. Back in Bereishis we learned that the cunning snake sidled up to Chava and convinced her […]