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Pesach Delayed 2020

Pesach Delayed? Was Pesach ever postponed? When? May it be? Who did it and did he live to talk about it?  How was it received? We shall address these questions below, here we go. Late on Friday the heylige Oisvorfer was copied on an email from chaver Shlomo Gottesman. This particular mail was regarding a […]

Vayakhale Pikuday 2020: Coronavirus – The New Chinese Takeout?

We begin with extended mazel tov wishes to Chani and Jay Kestenbaum upon the wedding this past Sunday of their youngest and last of their children, Joseph (Yosef) who married Becca Rauch in a very beautiful, moving, and very memorable chuppah and wedding. We’ve all been to dozens –mistama hundreds of weddings and few stick […]

Disruption and Chaos

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Disruption and Chaos: A post from the Oisvorfer on a Tuesday morning? What’s pshat? Pshat is the world is in turmoil. Last week the Oisvorfer gave a shtikel plug to a Pesach program scheduled to operate out of Danbury, CT. Whether or not that program will remain open will be decided in the […]

Ki Sisa Post Purim 2020: Masks for Every Occasion

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Two mazel tov shout outs on upcoming simchas by close friends, here we go. Mazel tov to Joseph -now Yosef- Kestenbaum, son of our good friends Chani and Jay Kestenbam upon his upcoming aufruf this shabbis and wedding this coming Tuesday, to Rebecca Rauch (aka: Becca), she the beautiful daughter of Suzi […]

Tetzaveh Zochor Purim 2020

Verbal Arousal & Remembering to Forget It’s not what you think, chazerim that you are! This shabbis, in addition to reading the parsha –virtually all about the clothing and vestments worn by the koihanim and the koihen Godol (high priest) during their service, we will –to  commemorate Parshas Zochor- also be remembering to eradicate the […]

Teruma 2020: Jews, Synagogues, and FaceTime

Raboyseyee and Ladies Jews, Synagogues, and FaceTime Jewish people, especially those who go to shul daily,  or at least on shabbis, must know -within a few feet- just where the nearest shul is located. When considering a new neighborhood, shul attending Jews drive to a desired shul, set their odometers to zero, and begin driving […]

Mishpotim 2020 – The Perks of Jewish Slavery

We begin this week’s review with a very big and exciting mazel tov to our friends Bonnie and Heshie Schertz upon the engagement earlier this week of their beautiful and ebullient daughter Elissa to Adam Kirshner. Mazel tov to the entire extended Schertz and Miller families. A very special mazel tov shout out to Elissa’s […]

Yisroy 2020: Sight, Sound and Synaesthesia

Raboyseyee and Ladies, Sight, Sound and Synaesthesia What the hec is synaesthesia?  We shall find out on page 5. Of late, the Oisvorfer has been studying the parsha in reverse. He starts with the last aliya and moves backwards to the front of the parsha. Why?  To find topics and ideas not previously discussed in […]

Bishalach 2020: Paying It Forward

A big mazel tov to Rebbetzin Nancy, and Rabi Kenneth Hain who will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this coming shabbis at Congregation Both Sholom, here in Lawrence, N.Y. A big kiddush to follow a much-anticipated great lookback and speech. The Oisvorfer and eishes chayil can fill many paragraphs -maybe even pages- with warm […]

Boi 2020 – Passover Observance In The Year 2048

Four mazel tov shout outs this week, let’s begin with Michelle.   A big mazel tov to Michelle Charnoff, she the very talented and brilliantly funny daughter of our good friends Ashley and Judah Charnoff, upon her very recent engagement to Brian Polay, he the son of Cheri and Gary Polay of Wayne, New Jersey. […]