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Bishalach 2015 – The Sea Split How Many Times?

We typically begin, when we have information to share, with mazel tov shout-outs.  We have some. They will follow just below but this week we begin instead with a serious request. Last week, we asked that each reader and family member and friend of any reader please click the link below and sign the petition […]

Boi 2015 – The Three Most Impactful Words

Shoin after two full weeks without  a mazel tov shout-out, we are delighted to announce that our good friends Chani and Jay Kestenbaum added yet another grandchild to their collection when their daughter Heidi and her husband Jonathan, gave birth to a baby boy whose bris will be performed tomorrow morning at the Congregation Beth […]

Please Join This Petition To Accelerate Access To Lifesaving Medication!

A dear friend of ours has recently been diagnosed with ALS.  Kindly consider signing the petition on the link below to accelerate access to a potentially lifesaving medication. Your support is greatly appreciated! Subject: Food and Drug Administration: Accelerated Conditional FDA Approval of Genervon’s GM6 for Use In ALS – Sign the Petition! Please join […]

Vo’eiro 2015 – The Yiddin Were Slaves For How Long?

Before we begin, the Oisvorfer takes this opportunity to thank the many -hundreds mamish- who extended birthday wishes on Facebook, the site itself and of course a few in person. Special shout-outs to those who baked and delivered cakes (Anne) and/or cinnamon rugalich (Judith), weaknesses mamish. One friend who turned 50 on January 2nd – […]

Shemois 2015: Who Named Moishe?

Raboyseyee and Ladies Who named Moishe? Shoin, last week we closed the book on Sefer Bereishis; we will certainly miss the many exploits of the Yakkov Oveenu mishpocho, especially those of Reuvain, Shimon, Levi, Yehudah and even Dina.  Not to worry, we will certainly revisit with them again next year. Of course you should feel […]

Vayichi 2014 – Family Dynamics

With great pleasure and joy, we announce that our long time and good friends Brenda and Larry Levitan became grandparents for the very first time when their children Matthew and Ariel gave birth late last week (too late for the shout-out) to a healthy 9lb+ baby girl. Welcome to the world Alexa Rose (Aliza Rina). […]

Vayigash 2014: Imaginations Run Wild…

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Imaginations run wild… Shoin, last night while chasiddim were marking nittel nacht (Nittel night), the Oisvorfer was hurriving (plugging away) over parshas Vayigash trying to find topics not previously reviewed. This was not an easy task on the 5th go around of this, the most dramatic parsha in all of sefer Bereishis. […]

Miketz – Shabbis Chanukah 2014

Raboyseyee and Ladies: Secret Santa Let’s begin by wishing a very happy shabbis Chanukah to all oisvorf readers and chasidim. May the Chanukah lights brightly illuminate your homes and lives. This past week, as Chanukah was approaching, Yiddin all over the world were getting ready to celebrate and recall the great miracle that took place […]

Vayeshev-2014: Of Trusted Friends

For the very first time, we begin this week’s review with sad news and note the passing earlier this week of Norman Dachs, OBM. Norman, a close friend to many and admired by all, was a blessed man who accomplished much in his lifetime. He left an indelible mark on the legal profession, his shul […]

The Tzaddik Is Coming To Town – Visit Extended!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to visit with Rabbi Tzion Menachem, well known and highly respected Kabbalist – click here for more details VISIT EXTENDED –  Rabbi Tzion Menachem has extended his stay beyond December 4th and will be here until Wednesday December 10, 2014!! If you are unable to make by this date, you still call […]